I really like checking the global timeline from here, so if I accidentally like or boost a post from here instead of doing it from @馃こ馃徑, it's because of this :blobpats:

贸, num vou garantir nada, mas talveeeeez, o mastodonte tenha posts s贸-locais em breve :x

Hey, y'all! I'm importing follows over this account which I'll be using for testing from now on. My main account continues to be @馃こ馃徑, you don't need to follow this one :)

Oi, povo! Eu t么 importando as pessoas que eu sigo nessa conta que eu vou usar pra testes de agora em diante. Minha main continua em @馃こ馃徑, n茫o precisa seguir essa conta n茫o :)


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